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Leaders in software maintenance delivery and innovation

Our team has over 30 years experience in software development and software maintenance ensuring our clients experience the professional service they expect.

We specialise in

Corrective Maintenance

Timely solutions to correct undesired functionality. Our team of experienced coders will provide solutions to unwanted application behaviour.

Adaptive Maintenance

Updating software to comply with interrelated services. For example, Pay Pal may update their payment gateway requiring any software that uses the older gateway to update their software.

Perfective Maintenance

Implementing or adapting to new user requirements and or adding new features.

Preventative Maintenance

Ensuring the code will withstand changes over time and avoid breaking due to perceivable hardware, platform, or integrated software changes.

Cyber Security

Software maintenance entails ensure software is secure from malicious threats. Software Development Pty Ltd, our company, are partners with the Australian Governments Australian Cyber Security Centre allowing us to engage with the ACSC and fellow partners, drawing on collective understanding, experience, skills and capability to lift cyber resilience across the Australian economy.

Initial Evaluation

Software Maintainability Guide

Source Code Review

Recommended Maintenance Plan

Optional Upgrade Pathways (if deemed appropriate or requested)

Maintenance Plans

Our maintenance plans start with as little as a 10 hour per month commitment

10 hours per month

$1,800 plus GST

additional hours charged at $180/hour where required

40 hours per month

$6,400 plus GST

additional hours charged at $160/hour where required

100 hours per month

$14,000 plus GST

additional hours charged at $140/hour where required

Casual rate

$220/hour plus GST

where hours availabled and requested

* Larger plans negotiable on request



SQL Lite

Microsoft Access

Microsoft SQL Server



Microsoft C#

Microsoft C++

ASP .Net

ASP .Net Core



Microsoft .Net Framework

Infragistics Technologies


Microsoft Windows Forms

Windows Presentation Framework (WPF)

Universal Windows Platform (UWP)





Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud Platform

Amazon Web Services


Our company has continued to use the professional services of Software Development for all our programming requirements. The professional liaison has extended more than 10 years with Software Development always producing a quality product. Their understanding of the technical matters and its impact on software is exemplary with an ability to produce turn key software solutions from a conceptual stage.

John Heilig

I have worked with Steve Goodwin, director of Software Development, for several years now as part of my research at The University of Queensland. Steve always goes above and beyond on every project - working with us to derive programming and technical solutions to acheive our research needs. Steve is responsive, agile, and highly professional. I could not recommend him or his company highly enough.

Genevieve Healy

I have utilised Steve's software development services for a numbers of years. Steve has consistently produced software that has met our specifications and has a strong customer focus.

Shane Brann

We have worked closely with Steve Goodwin of Software Development Pty Ltd for over ten years. He has written a number of software solutions for our company Aeropower during this time and continues to provide our company with a quality service. All work tasked to Software Development has been carried out in a totally professional manner with Steve not only completing set software requirements but guiding our company to create the best possible outcomes in our software for our clients and our company. We highly recommend Steve and Software Development to any company requiring his services.

Margaret Bell

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